Friday, October 28, 2011

Pottery Barn Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier

If you know me, you know I'm pretty much obsessed with decorating my home. And I love Pottery Barn style, which I think is a cross between contemporary and traditional, making the home feel cozy and warm. But sometimes I love a little bling to make it a bit glamorous. I love PB, but I don't love their prices. A bit over my budget but I'm a ninja when it comes to finding the exact same thing. So after a few months of looking...and looking...and looking at Pottery Barn's Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier I was pretty much in love with it and vow I will someday obtain that chandelier for my master bedroom (shaking my fist in the air).

Pottery Barn - Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier

Now... HELLOOOOO Overstock! Yes indeed! Overstock carries the EXACT same chandelier for less than HALF the price. So after a phone call to my fiancé about the chandelier I was drooling over for quite some time, I got his approval to make the purchase. He makes me happy!

Cone Shape 4-light Matte Silver Crystal Chandelier

NOTE: It took me 2+ hours to put all  the little crystals into the chandelier one by one (by myself - maybe that's why it's cheaper!). It was a bit annoying at first (because the holes are super tiny), but once you put in about 15 crystals, you get the hang of it. This is where patient and Ikea skills comes in. LOL. Once the crystals were done, it is SUPER heavy... you WILL need 2-3 people to actually hang it up. Luckily Eric and my brother-in-law Jeff did the hard part for me...and they were sweating bullets!


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