Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Entry Way Mantel

Finally got a chance to upload our mantel pictures to this blog. I went back to my old emails but couldn't find the source I used to build the mantel. The one closes I found was this one: However the notes says 45 degrees... which is incorrect. It should be about 33/33.6 degrees...because you want the bottom of the mantel to taper in.

Primer and 3 coats of Ultra White by Behr.

Hung it up.

Creating the coat racks to go on the bottom of the mantel. Simply a piece of plywood we had left over from building a desk top, 1 piece of trim cut to 45 degrees, wood glue and nail in. The cost of the coat rack completely depend on the cost of the hooks. Home Depot and Lowes sells each hook rack for $5-6 piece.. for the nice ones. Super expensive if you need quite a few. I found these on Amazon for $1 a piece!!! And I love the way it looks. Unfortunately they don't have it on Amazon anymore.

Finally, a white bench from Ikea. We got a steal on this one! Originally the price is about $299ish. But we found this guy in the "As Is" area for $89 bucks!! The edge of two sides of the bench was a tiny bit messed up but white paint fixed the problem. We spray paint the knobs to black to match the coat rack.
The entire project (excluding the bench) was roughly about $30-$35. Usually a mantel like this...for this length (pretty long) can cost up to $800!! And that's the mantel itself, not even including the coat rack. I feel pretty good about the amount of savings, but the awesome part was of doing it ourselves!!


MooncakeMama said...

Wow. Super pretty and elegant. I bought the same hook rack for $3 a piece on Amazon. Your project inspires me...thank you!

Elizabeth said...

What was the name of the IKEA bench?

Custom Products said...

I like the white colour theme.

Bastian Family said...

I love everything about this!Q!! What is the color of your walls? We are looking to repaint our walls and I'm looking for ideas. Thank you!

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